Newest Facebook Updates for April 2017!

Facebook has been used for communication by people worldwide. Billions of people have been enjoying the convenience and advantages of Facebook as a social media application.

The benefits and the features of Facebook have a never ending update. In fact, it is growing more creatively and usefully as the years pass by.

Let us show you some of the hottest Facebook updates for the first half of 2017!

  1. Introducing Reactions and Mentions for Facebook Messenger

Group chats will be lesser chaotic now with the new mentions and reactions update for Facebook messenger. Anytime you are in a group chat with loads of friends, you can now mention a certain friend or respond to a particular message much easier.


Mention a specific name of a friend in a group chat you want to call the attention by using the “@” sign before their Facebook names. When the message is sent, it will notify the person and the message will appear with highlighted text. Upon receiving the notification, the person notified will be able to jump back to the conversation to easily provide a response.


Facebook is providing you a new way to express your emotions about a particular message. Simply tap and hold on a message to react to it without needing to type out a response using emojis. You can choose from emojis like thumbs up/down, sad face, smiling face, angry face, and more.

  1. Stream or Go Live on Facebook From Your Desktop

Facebook Live is no longer exclusive for Facebook application on smartphones or tablets. The new update now provides a Live button on the desktop website. Users will be able to stream from their web browser directly.

Before, only Page admins were allowed to go live, but now, admins can designate others as “Live Contributors” that allows them to stream to the page anytime acquiring other administrative functions. It is basically an easier way from individuals, business and brands to communicate using Facebook.

  1. Facebook Rolls Out An In-App Camera

Facebook has launched its new “Story” feature this year that provides an in-app camera with lots of filters and effects to try on your photos or videos. It works for both front and rear cameras of your smartphone letting you interact with still or dynamic objects such as stickers, masks, drawings, and frames.

Photos and videos taken from the in-app camera can be shared on your Facebook Story or can be directly sent to a friend privately that can only be seen for a span of 24 hours.

Did you find this informative? Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments!