Link Building

Link building is a powerful tool
Links continue to be a powerful ranking indicator. Having other websites link to yours proves that your content brings value to users.

By having links to your websites, Google, on the other hand, gives you a better ranking in its results page. But how do we make people share and link our content? Our content should be valuable, original and, if possible, exclusive.

This means that we may need to put more effort on researching original contents and think of the value it will bring to the users.

kitsune link building hints 2Create contents that are truly link-worthy
Eli Schwartz shared that it is critical to take into account whether the link asset is truly link-worthy and put that effort into the creation of the entire link effort. He shared that he likes to original data to build on links which are either through survey, research or just a new take on something. It should something unique and exclusive.

Data journalism as a way to build links
According to Ross Tavendale, data journalism is the best type of link building strategy. This involves finding two seemingly disparate data sets and connecting them together to make a story about it.

Relationships are good link building strategy
Sam Hurley is strong in stating that relationships is the most effective tactic in link building. Once you have established relationships, everything else flows including the back links. Once it is established, it becomes crucial to create remarkable content that truly stands out and ensure to thoroughly distribute this content to gain more links. He stressed that building relationships should be embedded in everything.

kitsune link building hints 5

Targeted email blast as a good way to build links
According to Alexandra Tachalova, by sending emails to people who already know the client’s brand and write content that matches the interest of these people is a good way to build trust and later on leads to link building.

kitsune link building hints 6

Partnering with websites that rank well
Outreaching to websites that rank themselves in Google and have their own organic traffic. Google has said on multiple occasions that they have the ability to ignore links.

So it can be quite possible that the link that took you a few weeks to land is actually from a site that Google lost their trust for. So, ensure to always check the websites and see where it ranks first.

Build your link campaigns on quick wins
Start your link building campaign with strategies that generate the highest quality links for minimal effort. You may do the following three tactics – 404 link reclamation, unlinked mentions and internal links from power pages. These three tactics will give quick wins.

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