Instagram Is Now Accessible Without Internet Connection

Instagram has been working to develop its platforms to use lesser data. They are aiming to cater to users in the developing countries where internet access may be limited.

At present, this functionality only works for Android Instagram applications since Android is the most common OS in the developing market. However, Instagram is said to be exploring the offline mode for iOS devices for the upcoming months. Actually, this functionality is already working in some parts of the world on a phone using Android Nougat.

According to Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, most of Instagram’s Android application features will now be available offline. The offline mode goes beyond just queuing photos or saving drafts when you are trying to upload using a poor connection.  

You won’t be staring at a blank screen on Instagram anymore when there is no internet connection. Offline mode allows you to browse your feed without mobile data. It caches images and profiles as well as the Explore tabs while you were connected to the internet so you can view it later offline. It even lets you leave comments, follow, unfollow, and Heart photos offline. Visited profiles before can also be visible without a connection. These activities in your account will be updated once you get access to the internet – either through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

It is said that this photo-centric social media app will be working on more available features offline. The overall effect will make the application more usable even in remote areas.

Although Instagram does not yet have a lightweight version just like Facebook Lite and Twitter Lite, this offline functionality is a good move by Instagram to reach out to millions of users living in nations where a stable connection is not really accessible or data may be too expensive. It just proves that Instagram users around the world can seize and enjoy the application even in isolation since millions of people everywhere desire visual communication.

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