Look Out for These 5 Signs of Black Hat SEO


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Google Search Console Sending Performance Report Emails

Google is now sending some verified #Google #Search #Console site owners monthly reports showing how well their sites are performing in Google search.

What is this report. This report shows a monthly summary of data from your Google Search Console reports. Data from your performance reports including clicks, impressions, average rankings, the top-performing content pages, top countries, mobile vs desktop performance, and much more.

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11 Steps to On-site Video SEO

Once you decide to invest in video, you still need to figure out how to get people to view and interact with it. That’s where search engine optimization comes into play.

Follow these 11 steps to optimize your videos for organic search — to improve their ability to rank and drive views.

First on the list: Choose your topic. Your videos need to provide something the viewer wants. That could be instruction on how to use your products, a 360-degree view, a solution to a common problem — something that fills a need of searchers. It’s unlikely that they want to see your company’s video ad unless you work for a megabrand.

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7 Quick Ways Every Startup Can Optimize SEO Without Breaking the Bank

An interesting statistic reveals that 93 percent of online experiences start with the search engine. And your rank during a search is dependent on your domain authority, which is also highly dependent on other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors. So, the best place to start is to invest in the SEO of your startup’s website.

Check out these simple (and cheap) SEO tricks that will help boost your startup’s website rankings.

1. Create high-quality content to optimize SEO
2. Use relevant keywords
3. Consider focusing on local SEO and many more…

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Look Out for These 5 Signs of Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to unethical practices to help a website rank higher in Google. Often times, a website doesn’t even know it’s suffering from black hat search engine optimization — and being penalized for it.

Though black hat can temporarily help a website rank higher in Google, search engines will ultimately demote it for bad practice. You need to know how to identify black hat SEO techniques.

Here are five signs to look for in your website and others.