Podcast | Episode 0 – WHERE IS THE INTERNET?

Here, we talk about everything that interests you and we serve to respond to big questions that might be left unanswered: where is the Internet?

You are the operator of your own field. Do you communicate or publish something online – on the web, socials, audios, videos, texts, images, targets you want to reach?

In every episode, you will find a multitude of ideas to understand what you really need and might better serve you in the future.

We’ll put a bug in your ear! Directly from the most authoritative sources, we bring you the news, information and latest trends.

We put money where out mouth is!

We look after the important things because we work in this domain and we have no time to waste. Not even yours.

And we always try the newest tools possible and identify if the current growing trends are useful to us. If they aren’t, then we toss them out.

Aesthetics are beautiful but they do not find you a contact or sell you that one extra piece.

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