Why Instagram Is A Must This 2017


With the booming popularity of Instagram and its recent advertising opportunities expansion, it is definitely a perfect time to venture into Instagram for business.
Instagram has become a daily routine for most of the people nowadays. In fact, it has reached over 700 million active users and 95 million uploaded photos every day – and still growing! This presents opportunities for businesses to market to a larger audience without having to spend too much.
Competing on Instagram does not require you to be an enterprise-sized company. It actually encourages small businesses to compete with the “big guys” in the world of monetization. If you’re not using Instagram yet, you’re absolutely missing out on a gold mine of opportunities!

Instagram is Manageable by a Small Steadfast Team

What’s so good about Instagram is that it has never-ending opportunities and it is where anyone or any business – large or small – can make an enormous impact on its target market. It does not require a hoard of team members to actually do business on Instagram. You don’t need highly skilled photographers or an entire team of Adobe software experts to create the best content. As a matter of fact, a single account with million followers can actually be managed by just a team of at least five dedicated people.

Instagram is more than just the “trendy” thing to do

Doubling its user growth in just a matter of months, brands are gradually investing more on Instagram. It has attracted 1 million monthly advertisers by the third month of 2017. Various types of ads have emerged from sponsoring posts, photo ads, stories ads, to video ads and more! Brand awareness is increasing more and more for most companies on Instagram. It has become a proven moneymaker and more than just where the “kids” hang out.

Instagram Targets the Far Future

As Instagram tools emerge and become more adaptive to the current generation, it is gaining a total fame not only for social media users but also to investors and advertisers. That means if you want your brand to survive the leap towards the next generation, you better get on Instagram as soon as possible! A larger pool of audience is right there waiting to notice your brand with the interactive designs you have in store for your visual marketing. While the technology itself is taking its leaps and bounds, Instagram is able to remain stable and current due to its visual nature. It easily adapts and connects with the transitions of the far future of technology.

Formula for Instagram success

As we do Instagram, we should never lose sight of its core purpose. It relies a lot more on visuals than text. Therefore, you have to show what you do in a creative way as part of your visual marketing. We got you a simple yet successful strategy to get you started right.

  • Nail your shots – Be authentic in making your content. Make something of your own that will leave an impression on your audience. The heart of your marketing on Instagram is your images or videos so use this power to its fullest customer-hooking advantage.
  • Stay recognizable – You have to make your audience recognize you with your every post. Stay recognizable with a consistent name and logo. All your Instagramming will be for nothing if the pieces don’t fit together to actually show what your brand is all about.
  • Make use of the hashtags – Be generous in incorporating hashtags to your content as it increases your discoverability. Find the best hashtags that relate to your content and use them consistently. Use a lot of relevant hashtags but be careful not to abuse it as a post may look too desperate with too much hashtags on it.
  • Follow a lot – Find the most influential accounts in your industry. Search for them and use them to your advantage. Follow the people who follow them and continue to reach out to related and interested audience out there. There are millions of them so don’t be afraid to follow many people – but do it tactically.
  • Engage with your audience – Try to be as customer-friendly as you can. There are a lot of ways to engage with your audience. It could be in a form of comments, direct messages, contests and more. We cannot just show them what your brand is and totally forget that there are humans behind it. Interact with your market and you’ll start to see how you gain more attention and mentions.

Some might still be skeptical about having to use Instagram out of the vast choices of social media platforms. Some might have actually failed to get the gist of the platform itself and decided to give up on using it. But if done right, it’s actually a breeze to add in your marketing strategy. If you can’t seem to find where to start on Instagram, you know we can always help.