Podcast | Episode 1 – Digital Media Is Increasing

In this podcast we talk about how the use of digital media is increasing. Fresh data that allow us to understand how audiences move.

We always want to know, understand and experiment. And today we are helped by the data of Mary Meeker, an analyst at KPCB who, in a well-publicised report on Internet trends, documented with 294 slides, tells us that there has been a 4% increase in the use of digital media, reaching 5.9 hours a day.

Mobile usage has reached 3.3 hours, while desktop use has slightly decreased (at 2.1 hours a day). Despite the growth in media consumption through mobile devices, we can still note a practically stable use of desktops and laptops.

Messaging is on the rise. In Mary Meeker’s report there is an increase in the number of monthly active users on all the most popular platforms, which are increasingly used by users and brands in their digital strategies.

Mobile is always fascinating.
Mobile is driving the increase in the use of video content, and it seems that this growth will not end soon (that’s why it’s important to study positioning techniques on YouTube. Never forget: YouTube is also a very important search engine.

As a result, the number of companies that are putting videos into their editorial and marketing strategies is increasing.
Even direct videos on Facebook have grown a lot, especially from many freelance consultants.

Voice search
The world of voice search has seen a remarkable growth in the US of Amazon Echo, which has reached an impressive rate of adoption. The maturation of this technology pushes more and more consumers to buy the devices, to the point where we can state that the trend is now mainstream.
So the advice is: study Google Voice positioning techniques well.

Search for the discovery and research of products.
The “search” has become an important part of the process of discovering a new product. Amazon seems to be the first option regarding the discovery of products, while search engines only come in second place with 36%.

Amazon is the favourite place for users looking for products, before search engines that become important in the second instance to influence consumer decisions for their subsequent purchases.
Here the advice is therefore to study and understand the mechanisms of the SEO on Amazon, without forgetting the traditional SEO for the following phases.

Social media and product discovery.
Another interesting observation concerns the role of social media in the phase of product discovery. Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest can play a key role in the phase of awareness and consideration. Brands can use social media to help users go down the next steps leading to sales. Each tool, including social media, can play a key role in a multi-channel world.
Tip: evaluate your product well and do a thorough analysis of your marketing.

How much is spent on advertising on the Internet
In the United States there was a 21% increase in advertising spending: the budget is increasingly directed towards advertising on mobile platforms. The increase and above all the greater use of mobile devices pushes advertisers to modify their strategies to reach this type of audience. An even bigger budget is expected for mobile advertising in the coming years, while it is interesting to note that spending on desktop users has not diminished.

Ok I would say that we found some interesting ideas:

  • increasing use of mobile devices
  • rise in voice services
  • dominance of video content
  • growth of messaging
  • use of search for the discovery and research of products
  • increase in mobile advertising budget

And what are you working on now?

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